Case Studies

Project: Change leaking valve in a server room.

System: High pressure (200 psi) / Chilled Water Line with 49% glycol content.

Situation: A one inch branch line valve off a three inch main, in the ceiling of a fourth floor server room started leaking and had to be replaced. The line fed the entire building and it was not possible to isolate the valve to allow changing. A building shutdown was also not possible.

Solution: N-TWO was called in and the line was frozen allowing the valve to be replaced with very little inconvenience to the building or tenants.

Project: High profile, high security Toronto Datacenter.

System: 2 X 800 Ton Chiller Units.

Situation: Chiller units need routine cleaning after years of service. However, building operations had no way to stop the flow to the units without interruption of service.

Solution: Building operations consulted with their engineers and decided that the only option was a multiple week solution. A new 1000 ton unit would be installed to maintain service while the existing units were taken offline to be cleaned one at a time. N-TWO was called in to: cut into the existing lines to provide a connection to the new chiller and to install a bypass lines. One 12" pipe freeze was performed along with five hot taps ranging is size from ¾" to 10".