• N-Two’s method of live thermowell installation is cheaper than purchasing the available thermowell hot tap kits.
  • Capable of installing ½” and ¾” thermowells of various lengths on live systems.
  • System shut downs not required.


  • This service is needed when installing a temperature reading device on an existing 'live' system.
  • Addition of building automation system (BAS) temperature points or the expansion of an existing BAS system.


  1. A specialized thermowell adaptor is welded to the pipe by the mechanical contractor (welding services provided by N-Two upon request).
  2. A valve is installed on the specialized adaptor.
  3. A standard hot tap is carried out allowing the adaptor to become 'live'.
  4. The provided thermowell is inserted and installed.
  5. The valve is removed.
  6. The new thermowell is ready to accept various devices (thermometer, temperature sensor, etc…).