Armed with more than 28 years of experience, N-TWO Cryogenic Enterprises Inc. confidently calls themselves the leaders in Ontario's pipe freezing industry. Eliminate the inconvenience and cost of draining pipes by using this on-site service. Trained technicians visit your job-site to assess the work area, make recommendations, build a secure freeze plug and maintain it for the duration of the job, leaving you to do what you do best.

If you have to replace a valve, tie in a new line, repair a sprinkler system, pump, or damaged lines, trust the experts to avoid shutting down the system. Liquid nitrogen is fed into a containment unit placed around the pipe, which causes an ice plug to form, thereby holding back the fluid and avoiding the need to drain the system or store the liquid.


Traditionally, pipe freezing was limited to carbon dioxide (CO2) kits or refrigeration units. Carbon dioxide reaches a maximum cold temperature of -109℉ (-78℃) whereas liquid nitrogen reaches upwards of -320℉ (-195℃).


N-TWO is able to freeze all metal pipes ranging from ½" to 48" and some plastics. We have the power to freeze most liquids including water, glycol, brine, organic solvents and some oils. (images of each of these types of pipes)

  • Permit repair of valves without disruption to operations.
  • Tie in new lines.
  • Mend damaged or broken lines without shut down.

When a pipe is in need of repair...

Liquid Nitrogen is fed into a containment unit that isolates the area to be repaired.

A secure frozen plug is formed within the pipe and maintained until repairs are complete.